What’s a channel?

A channel is a place where you collect your coubs and recoubs. Channels can be dedicated to specific topics or interests, so you can create as many channels as you want.

How do I create a channel?

You create a channel when you register. This is your first one. If you want to create more, click the triangular button beside your profile pic, at the top-right of the screen and find the "Create New Channel" button.

How many channels can I create?

As many as you want. Coub your favorite Cumberbatch lines, cat videos or dash cam moments, separate these interests into channels, and you’ll build stronger followings.

How do I change my channel's name and URL?

Click on your channel's page. In here, you can edit your channel's name and URL.

How do I pick a userpic for my channel?

Use images that are relevant to the topic of your channel. 300x300p looks best for your channel pic. Other sizes are automatically cropped. You can change the picture anytime you want by clicking on it on your channel's page.

How can I choose a cover for my profile?

Mouse over the top of your profile – an “Edit cover” button should appear. You can either upload a picture or choose a coub (no NSFW covers , please).

Pictures must be at least 1000x400p to be used as a cover; both .jpg and .png files will work. Coubs must be HD, and must be either public or unlisted.

How to change the userpic?

To change the userpic simply mouse over it, click and choose a different image.

How do I know if a coub is HD?

Mouse over the coub you want to use for your cover. If you see a SD/HD switch, it’s a HD coub.

So, if I have two channels or more, where does my coub go when I publish it?

When your coub is ready and you click “Next”, you’ll get a "Describe your coub" pop-up. You'll see a drop-down menu with all your channels. Choose the one you want, and you’re done.

Can I move a coub from one channel to another?

Click the gear icon under your coub. Then click "edit info". Use the drop-down menu to change the channel in which the coub is featured.

Should I switch between channels to like a coub?

Liking is tied to the channel you're in now. If you want to like from a different channel, switch by clicking the change channel button at the top of the page.

How do I recoub coubs to my channels?

When you click recoub, you’ll get a drop-down menu with all your channels. Just choose the one(s) in which you’d like it to be recoubed by clicking them.

What is the “recommend channels” tab for?

You can recommend other channels at the right-hand side of your channel's page. These can be your own channels or other people's channels. A “Follow” button appears beside each channel you recommend, so you can send more followers to the channels that you like, or channels that cover a related topic.

How many channels can I recommend?

As many as you want. You can change the order by dragging the top-left corner of a recommended channel's userpic.