How do invite friends from other social networks?

Go here:

You'll be able to access lists of your contacts from Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

On the left of the screen, you can invite people by email.

What’s good behavior in the Coub community?

It’s like any other social media platform, really. If you take the time to appreciate people’s stuff, they’ll appreciate yours. Create, experiment, share your coubs with community. Take a look at our terms of service for the more serious things you should know.

How do I connect with other users?

You can follow other users’ channels to keep up with their latest coubs and recoubs. Once you follow a user, their coubs will appear in your timeline. They'll also get a notification in their digest when you follow, like or recoub them.

How do I find interesting people to follow?

Search tags to find people who share the same passions as you. Follow channels you find interesting. Take a look at our featured channels page. There’ll be at least a few channels that cater to your taste. See who's liking and recoubing your stuff and follow them. Create channels on some particular topic or subject, recoub others' coubs there and gather people around it.

How do I get more views?

Be a part of the community: create channels on some topic you fancy, follow channels you like, connect with cool users, be active, and people will follow you. Share/embed your coubs on your social media and invite your friends to join.

How can I get my coub or channel featured?

When we feature something, we're looking for: imagination, creativity, humour, beauty — all the subjective stuff that can't be categorized. There is some general advice we can give. Even if following this advice won't necessarily lead to being featured, it will give you a better understanding of what is considered a good coub. Perfectly looped, seamless videos, synchronization of image and sound, and high-quality footage are a good start. HD coubs usually look better, although old, cool lo-fi stuff works too. Use your imagination. Keep your eyes peeled for moments that would make the perfect coub.

What is the Coub of the day?

Coub of the Day is the crowning achievement for any Coub user. It's chosen by our editors, factoring in likes and shares. It's posted to the feed of everyone who follows Coub Of The Day, and that's almost every user.

How do I know if I get featured?

Anyone’s coub can be featured in Explore or Weekly, or become a Coub of the Day. You’ll get a notification when it happens (except for Weekly).