The iOS App

What can I do with the Coub app?

Coub is a free app that lets you watch, share and create short looped videos with a soundtrack of your choice.

How do I navigate the app?

The first thing you’ll see is your timeline. This is a feed with all the coubs of the channels you follow. Swipe vertically to explore the feed.

What’s the star button for?

This gives you a choice of feeds to browse. Tap Explore to see all the Featured coubs. Tap Hot to see the current most popular coubs. And tap Random for a stream of random popular coubs.

Can I go full screen?

Of course you can. Just tap on the coub and bang! You've got full-screen mode. Even better, you can stay in full-screen while browsing all the other coubs.

How do I like and recoub?

Tap the horn symbol at the bottom-right of the coub to Like. Tap the button to the right of the horn to recoub.

How do I create a coub?

Tap the camera button at the bottom-centre of the screen. Now you’ll be using the coub camera. Tap the camera button again to start filming, and press it once again to stop. You can film up to 10 seconds of footage.

How do I make a coub with something I’ve already filmed?

Tap the library button at the top right. Now you can choose any video from your phone, once it’s less than ten minutes long or 200mb.

How do I change the direction of the camera?

Tap the reverse angle button at the bottom left.

Is there a flash function?

Yes. Just tap the lightning symbol at the bottom right to switch it on or off.

How about filters?

So you want to make your coubs a little snazzier? Once you’ve selevted your loop and click next you’ll have a selection of filters to play with.

How do I add separate audio to my coub?

Tap the music icon at the bottom right. Now you can choose any track from your library, once it’s less than 20mb.

What about title and tags?

Once you’re ready to publish your coub, you’ll be asked to give it a title and tag it. Titles are compulsory, and tags are optional. But we strongly recommend tagging your coub. It makes it much easier for people to find it.

Where’s my profile?

Tap the silhouette at the bottom of the screen. This brings you to your profile, where you can see all your coubs and recoubs.

How do I edit my profile?

Under your user pic there’s an Edit Profile button. Tap it and you’ll be able to change your account details and sharing settings.

How do I check my notifications?

Tap the button at the bottom right of the screen. You’ll see all the news about who liked and recoubed your coubs, and your new followers.

Can I watch coubs with the Coub app when I see them inside other apps?

Yes, and you should definitely do it. Watching coubs in the app is a much better experience. And it’s easy to enter and exit the app.

What do I do when I want to return from the app?

Just tap the back button at the top-left of your screen.

How do I share coubs from within the app?

See the grey lines under the coub’s user pic? Tap them and you’ll see an array of sharing options: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, G+, etc.

Can I invite my friends?

Please do. Tap the settings button in the upper left corner and you’ll be able to find and invite friend from your social networks.