The Basics

Where am I? What is this? What's a coub?

Hey, we're glad you're here. Coub is a place where you can create and share short, looping videos with audio. We call them coubs. You can use up to ten source videos for your coub, so if mashups are your thing, you've come to the right place.

Here's a short introduction.

How is Coub pronounced?

[kuːb]. Rhymes with boob.

So is it like a GIF or something?

No. In short, coub is not a file format, it's a looped video which can be set to music. Coubs take less time to process than GIFs, are HD quality, and coubs show the video and audio sources, thus keeping you aware of the content's origins.

Why should I join Coub?

Short answer: because it rocks.

Longer answer: because it's a super-easy and fun way to share and create short mashups, montages, and memorable moments.

Cool, so how do I create an account?

You can register on Coub with your social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter or your email. When you're logged in, you'll be offered to follow some channels we feature. Do that and you're all set.

What do I do next?

Start creating coubs, design your channel, build your timeline, like and share coubs with your friends, have fun.

What is a channel?

A channel is a place where you collect all your coubs and recoubs. You can set up as many channels as you want under one account.

What’s my timeline and how do I make it interesting?

Your timeline is a stream of all your friends' coubs and channels that you follow. Follow friends on Coub, follow channels related to your interests, and you'll have a pretty cool timeline. You can find the featured Channels section at the top of your screen.

How do I like a coub?

Click underneath a coub to like it.

What's a repost?

When you repost, a coub is added to your channel and shared with your followers. Click the button to repost.

How do I share coubs?

If you want to share a coub with your Coub friends, recoub it. If you want to share it on social networks, you'll find all sorts of sharing options under each coub: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. You can also embed coubs on your blog or website, here's how.

What is Explore?

Explore is the page where you'll see:

1. A stream of coubs that we decide to feature because they're particularly funny or beautiful.

2. The newest coubs.

3. A weekly digest where we show the best coubs and channels every Friday.

4. Every Coub of The Day since the very beginning.

What's this thing? What makes a coub “hot”?

“Hot” collects the most popular coubs of the last couple of days. This is where memes are born.

How do I find friends here?

Invite friends from your social networks and become a part of the community.

How do I find a coub's source video?

Coub is a discovery portal. Under each coub there's a link back to the original video, except if the user has uploaded the video from their computer or phone.